Monday, September 12, 2005



It was fun time at LOE (Leadership Outdoor Experience). 2 days and 2 nights with 549 of my fellow classmates out in the woods in Wisconsin was actually splendid. We were treated to all kinds of activities, from breaking boundaries to high/low ropes to free booze to LEAD-o-rama to Leap-of-Faith to awesome grub (believe it or not, there was grub up until 12AM)!

A few things that I found interesting:

Most people fall into one of four broad categories:

1. Unconsciously Incompetent
2. Consciously Incompetent
3. Consciously Competent
4. Unconsciously Competent

This concept was illustrated to the whole class by the Blue Man Group (I mean clones of the BMG) and it was a good way to introspect ones strengths (and weaknesses).

The one important thing that I learnt was from an alum (who was the guest speaker at the retreat) was that we are in the business school not to compete with each other but to help each other succeed! That was contrary to what I had been thinking so far, but it makes perfect sense when I look at the bigger picture...

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