Monday, September 05, 2005


Last Day Before CORE

So, this is it! This will be my last blog before school starts...which is tomorrow! I am both nervous and excited about the next two years at school! I am excited about the opportunities and nervous because it is all so damn new to me.

School starts tomorrow at 8.30AM with CORE. CORE is basically an orientation program for all FYs. We will be spending the next 3 days (Wed, Thu and Fri) at Snake Road Adventure at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin doing team-building activities. Fun! Fun! Fun! I am guessing there will be activities such as truth or dare, canoeing, rock climbing, etc. Hopefully I will come back home in one piece...

Next week is the week of LEAD (Leadership Excellence And Development) where we will see lot more team-building/presentation/negotiation/etc. exercises. This will continue up until Sep 20th.

Classes begin Sep 22nd. which reminds me, I have to decide quickly what classes I would like to take. The great thing about Chicago GSB is that the curriculum is super flexible, which means that I have quite a bit of choice. :) Right now, I plan on taking the basic of basic courses- Microecon, Financial Accounting, and Regression Analysis.

Please pray for me! :)

wish you all the best ! i am sure you will do well ! enjoy wisconsin.
Regression analysis is not the basic class. Wishing you the best, and hope to meet you on campus when school starts back up!
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