Tuesday, September 06, 2005


First Day at Chicago!

Whew! That was a pretty looong day! Left the apt at 8AM and came back home at 9PM!
Met lots of my classmates. Really interesting people from all walks of life. It felt new but it felt good!

Some take-aways from daylong presentations that I really liked:

* Greatest constraint in the next 2 years will be Time! Time is one's greatest enemy!
* Don't short-change long-term objectives for short-term solutions
* It is easier to get swept up in other people's goals if yours are not well-defined
* Stretch yourself and set high aspirations
* Strengthen the UC value system
* Learning is enhanced by engagement, so engage yourself in healthy discussions

Tomorrow we are off to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (we need to report at the school by 6AM!!!) for a series of team-building activities as part of LEAD. We will be back on Friday afternoon. Details will follow soon.

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