Friday, September 16, 2005


Yippee! I Got What I Bid for!

Well almost...

I got into all the classes of my choice except for this super-duper popular Marketing Strategy class offered by what some second years refer to as 'The Gawd of Marketing' a.k.a. Dhar! Although, I did get into his class that is later in the day. I bid ~6100 points and the LSB (Lowest Successful Bid) was 6697, so I missed it by over 500 points! But, that's A-OKAY because the evening class cost me a whole lot less, 3142 to be precise! Now I just have to keep myself from getting the need-to-have-a-beer-itch on Wed evenings for the next 10 weeks! :)

So, here I am, off to a heavy start. Its gonna be a rigourous schedue with lots of work this quarter, but I feel very excited about what the future has to bring.

Here are the courses that I registered for:
Financial Accounting
Applied Regression
Marketing Strategy
Microeconomics (also called baby micro)

BTW, the Leadership Effectiveness And Development (or known as LEAD) program ROCKs!!! The program is just awesome and it is just the beginning! I am loving it here at the Chicago GSB!

Monday, September 12, 2005



It was fun time at LOE (Leadership Outdoor Experience). 2 days and 2 nights with 549 of my fellow classmates out in the woods in Wisconsin was actually splendid. We were treated to all kinds of activities, from breaking boundaries to high/low ropes to free booze to LEAD-o-rama to Leap-of-Faith to awesome grub (believe it or not, there was grub up until 12AM)!

A few things that I found interesting:

Most people fall into one of four broad categories:

1. Unconsciously Incompetent
2. Consciously Incompetent
3. Consciously Competent
4. Unconsciously Competent

This concept was illustrated to the whole class by the Blue Man Group (I mean clones of the BMG) and it was a good way to introspect ones strengths (and weaknesses).

The one important thing that I learnt was from an alum (who was the guest speaker at the retreat) was that we are in the business school not to compete with each other but to help each other succeed! That was contrary to what I had been thinking so far, but it makes perfect sense when I look at the bigger picture...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


First Day at Chicago!

Whew! That was a pretty looong day! Left the apt at 8AM and came back home at 9PM!
Met lots of my classmates. Really interesting people from all walks of life. It felt new but it felt good!

Some take-aways from daylong presentations that I really liked:

* Greatest constraint in the next 2 years will be Time! Time is one's greatest enemy!
* Don't short-change long-term objectives for short-term solutions
* It is easier to get swept up in other people's goals if yours are not well-defined
* Stretch yourself and set high aspirations
* Strengthen the UC value system
* Learning is enhanced by engagement, so engage yourself in healthy discussions

Tomorrow we are off to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (we need to report at the school by 6AM!!!) for a series of team-building activities as part of LEAD. We will be back on Friday afternoon. Details will follow soon.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Last Day Before CORE

So, this is it! This will be my last blog before school starts...which is tomorrow! I am both nervous and excited about the next two years at school! I am excited about the opportunities and nervous because it is all so damn new to me.

School starts tomorrow at 8.30AM with CORE. CORE is basically an orientation program for all FYs. We will be spending the next 3 days (Wed, Thu and Fri) at Snake Road Adventure at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin doing team-building activities. Fun! Fun! Fun! I am guessing there will be activities such as truth or dare, canoeing, rock climbing, etc. Hopefully I will come back home in one piece...

Next week is the week of LEAD (Leadership Excellence And Development) where we will see lot more team-building/presentation/negotiation/etc. exercises. This will continue up until Sep 20th.

Classes begin Sep 22nd. which reminds me, I have to decide quickly what classes I would like to take. The great thing about Chicago GSB is that the curriculum is super flexible, which means that I have quite a bit of choice. :) Right now, I plan on taking the basic of basic courses- Microecon, Financial Accounting, and Regression Analysis.

Please pray for me! :)

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