Sunday, July 24, 2005


Time is a healer

Time is not only a healer but also a problem solver.

A week of deliberations with friends and family assuaged our fears of leaving our old home and migrate to our new home. Most of the questions that we had earlier have been answered (at least partially). A few have been addressed below:

1. We are hiring UPACK for the move. We pack and they move. eliminates the inconvenience of driving a truck full of stuff and more importantly makes it muck cheaper than renting a UHAUL or a PENSKE.

2. I am getting rid of my Bofa account and applied for a Citibank student account for lack of Bofa ATMs near the Hyde Park campus.

3. My FAFSA loan got approved! Yippee! I am still waiting on my GSB loan approval.

4. Notified ulitity company, gas service, cable company, washer/dryer, apartment of my impending move.

5. Arranged for a going away party for friends

6. Fixed an apartment near campus in Hyde Park area.

7. Ordered a T43 Thinkpad from IBM

8. Put in my 2week notice.

9. Got 80 boxes from work for pcking up stuff

10. Ordered all textbooks for the 1st quarter at GSB for a nominal fee.

Now that things are falling in place, I need to crank it up a notch and finish wrapping up stuff before my I-am-gonna-miss-Austin-so-much-feeling sets in...

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