Thursday, July 21, 2005


Questions, Questions, Questions!

So, my decision to attend GSB has given rise to many questions, both to me and my wife.

Where do we start?
How easy would it be to announce the last days to our managers? Do we take off a few weeks early and go on a vacation or do we work until the week before school starts?
How do we move from Austin to Chicago? How can we move with so much stuff? Do we hire movers or coax friends to help us out?
Do we throw a goodbye party before parting ways with friends?
What is the bank balance? Is it positive? Negative?
What about health insurance? Do we do COBRA?
What are other people doing with regard to pre-school book reading? Do I need to read any specific books? Which ones?
How do I encash my stock options? Is it worth it?
How will it end?
How will I get the loan the next two years? Will FAFSA approve of my loan? How about GSB loan? Will that be approved?

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