Thursday, June 30, 2005


Chicago, here we come!

My final decision is made and I will be attending the U of Chicago GSB. Here are a few reasons why Chicago is hottest on the list-

1. Fit! Fit! Fit! I felt a very good fit with the students/alum/profs at the admit weekend.
2. The curriculum is super flexible (only one core course) :)...can any school beat that?
3. Non disclosure of grades :) :) :)
4. Earlier, I was very keen on joining a program that focussed on Social Entrepreneurship, but from what I gathered from the profs, GSB inculcate business skills that help students better compete in the world - whatever field they may choose to pursue, so thats a big +.
5. It is probably hard to find alums directly in the area of my interest, but that leads me to thinking about pursuing a career in Social VC and Social strategy/consulting, and I am sure there are alums who do this kinda stuff.
6. As more students are focussed on Finance, I figured there will be less fight to take part in competitions such as the social venture competitions.
7. My junior from college, will be attending the school too, so, go IT!
8. Last but not the least, VJ will be working in the land of the skyscrapers.

Yes, I am excited that I will be matriculating from U of Chicago GSB and I am looking forward to my next two years in Chicago!

Chicago BEWARE!!! Here I come!!! :)

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