Wednesday, May 04, 2005


A Trillion Dollar Question!

I heard this on NPR yesterday and found it quite unbelievable!

OK, here's the deal ya'wl soon-gonna-be MBAs...

I spend $1 every passing second. How long will it take for me to spend $100,000?
Answer is pretty obvious: ~1 day

How about $1 million?
Answer: This may not be too tough to comprehend, but the answer is ~12 days

Now, how about $1 trillion? How long would that take?
Answer: Take an intelligent guess and look in the comment section below for the answer...C'Mon, no peeking! :)

OK, Whiz kids, what did you get as an answer? You think your guess might be close to the real answer? You sure you ready to see the answer?

The answer

Quite unbelievable, ain't it? When I first heard it, I really found it quite shocking...until I took out my calculator! :)
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