Monday, May 02, 2005


On the Road

After weighing in on my options, I decided to fly to the Northeast.
At Columbia (CBS), I attended a class of my interest and met with folks in the admissions office. I was quite impressed with the atmosphere at CBS (the reason I applied to CBS was because of its superb Social Enterprise Program (SEP)). Post-MBA from CBS, my options will probably be tremendous because of the repute of the SEP faculty, Net Impact chapter, and its involvement in the Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC). It is my personal opinion that the SEP at CBS is #1 in the world.

Right after the CBS trip, I went to MIT Sloan. Although I was not able to meet with folks from the adcom, I did meet up with current students and alum. I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that the stereotypes that people make out of Sloanies is simply not true. The ones that I met were smart and very amicable - not the super techie nerds that people typify them to be. If I were asked to describe my Sloan experience (albeit only one day), it would most certainly be awesome!

I just sent my thank you but sorry letters to Fuqua, Ross and Johnson. The only real deal I have in my hands right now is Chicago GSB and I will be sending in my admissions deposit in the next couple days. (This reminds me, I still need to post my experiences about the awesome awesome Chicago admit weekend on Apr 15th).

Congrats to all those admitted and those taken off the WL in these past 2 weeks! Good luck to others who are still making decisions! Those of you who were denied admission this year, just keep at it- there is always next year!

>>>I was quite impressed with the atmosphere at GSB>>>>

Guess it's a typo, shud be CBS! right?
bloghorn, seems like you are really interested in socially responsible business side of things. so, why Chicago ? I was recently looking at the Beyond Grey Pinstripes analysis and the GSB ranks among the lowest in this area. Fuqua and Ross definitely have better programs, no ? curious as to why you made this choice.

CBS calls itself GSB too, just like Chicago and Stanford! I changed it anyway.


There are many reasons I am interested in Chicago. Here is what I believe:
1.In my opinion, down the road, the brand image of your alma mater has a lot to do with what you can become (in a certain timeframe).
2.I believe Chicago will equip me with the right set of tools to make me a successful social entrepreneur. I was blown away by the Polsky center and competitions such as the New Venture Challenge. I see a lot of scope there.
3.Some of the renowned economics profs at Chicago are now focussing on Social Enterprises (such as Dr. Gertner) and I believe this trend will catch up in the coming years.
4.Either you are a small fish in a big ocean or you are a big fish in a pond. If I utilize my resources well, I might fall in the latter category (I think GSB's quest for diversifying might be one reason that the adcom even admitted people with an interest in social enterprise)

To answer your question, yes, going to Ross/Fuqua maybe advantageous at the beginning, but in the long run, the branding makes a difference. After Chicago, I see myself get into an area like Venture Philantropy or some such. Thanks for your insightful comment.
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