Friday, May 06, 2005


Most Befitting Acronyms

This post might be an extension to my previous one, but it sure is more relevant and more refined. After being through the lengthy B-School admissions process, how would I describe each school in just 3 words? What is the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the name of a school? Read on...

Columbia - Most Binding Admissions (also My Best Alumni interview)
Duke - Magnificent Basketball Association (also Most Budding Among top schools)
Cornell - Most Beautiful Among campuses
Kellogg - Much Buddy-up Approach
Chicago - Most Brilliant Academicians (also Miller Becker And other nobel naureates)
Sloan - My Biggest Aspiration
Umich - Most Benevolent Attitude
HBS - Mighty Big Attitude
Yale - Mellow, Benign Atmosphere
Wharton - My Biggest Anticlimax

you seem to breathing "MBA" day and night. the acronyms are cool.

and , btw, do check your email.
I sent you one.

You are just too clever with words! Awesome maaan! Look forward to reading new articles on your blog.
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