Monday, May 09, 2005


How Business Schools Lost Their Way...

My dad forwarded me this interesting article from Harvard Business Review that addresses How Business Schools Lost Their Way in the process of evolution. It is a must read for prospective/current B-school students and deans alike. I would like to see some kind of response from the B-schools and how they plan to address contents of this theory. Here is a snapshot:

Business schools are facing intense criticism for failing to impart useful skills, failing to prepare leaders, failing to instill norms of ethical behavior—and even failing to lead graduates to good corporate jobs. These criticisms come not just from students, employers, and the media but also from deans of some of America’s most prestigious B-schools.

The problem is not that business schools have embraced scientific rigor but that they have forsaken other forms of knowledge.

Click here for the full article.

Good article, thanks for the link!

Great article .. Thanks bloghorn
even when i landed to the hbr page, I never realised that the article was 10 page long,guess i scrolled too fast. i just printed it out read it while in my bus back home, and wooh - i had a bunch of pages..some test for my reading speed...
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