Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Dean Dean Baby!

My brother, vv42, told me that most of the B-schools have a year ending program called the Follies where all the students and profs try to do something comical about themselves and about the events that happened during the calendar year...apparently, this was a tradition started by Wharton in 1975!

Columbia GSB completed their follies last week. Check out CBS's Dean Glenn Hubbard's rap will have a is really really funny.

Click here for CBS follies

What makes it even funnier is that Glenn is the most likely candidate
to take over from Alan Greenspan as the Federal Reserve Chairman beginning
next year!!!!

way cool
Cool video!

Correction: Wharton Follies were started in 1975, not 1987 See
for more information.
Thanks Anonymous! Made the change...
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