Monday, April 04, 2005


WL@MIT Sloan!

This news came as a sweet surprise to me!!! Well, what can I say? Sloan decided to WL me and not outright ding me! :) If you read my previous posts about my interview with the MIT adcom, you will see that I thought I will definitely get dinged because of a terrible interview. But after todays development, I feel that the adcom looked at the bigger picture. I am grateful for that. I feel that angels are on my side... ;) Now, I have to do a couple things to try to get off the WL. I will do what I can and then hope for the best. Thanks to all those who rooted for me these past few weeks! and Congrats to those admitted!

I guess my running score is now 45%?

your choices get tougher and tougher - what you gonna choose if Sloan moves from a WL to an Admit - you definitely sitting on a mine of great offers.

Congrats !
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