Friday, April 08, 2005


Who made the elephant dance?

I always used to wonder what the attributes of a true leader were. Ever since I read his biography (while I was in college), I was in total awe of this great man - Andrew Grove (co-founder, Intel). It is understandable that many institutions now consider him more influential than Jack Welch, Lou Gerstner or even Bill Gates. I sometimes feel that we all should be indebted to Andy in a way because, if not for him, we probably wouldn't be working on this computer right now. In my opinion, Andy is a true leader. What do you think?

BW's recent article Andy Grove Made The Elephant Dance describes Andy's accomplishments and the lessons that future business leaders can learn. If you are interested, here is a select list of books by him:

High Output Management
One-on-one with Andy Grove
Only the paranoid survive
Swimming Across

Andy is on the faculty at Stanford GSB where he teaches a class on Strategy.

I agree, Andy is groovy! :)
agreed ! i read "only the paranoid survive" and was fascinated.
I concur. I have read "only the paranoid survive". He is a great leader.

I like Lou Gerstner too. It is difficult to compare. They operated in different circumstances and lead effectively.
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