Tuesday, April 19, 2005



As soon as I returned from the AW2@Chicago GSB (details coming soon), I got news that I was WLed at Columbia. Well, thats good and not-so-good news.

Not-so-good because I will have to show some more love to Columbia by way of reiteration and $$$ (I am flying into NYC and Boston) and wait a little bit longer.

Good because it is one of my dream schools and I was not outright dinged! Now this development makes the tally 50% (dinged by 4 schools, accepted by 4 and WLed by 2).

One thing that I realized about Columbia GSB is that it wants to make dead sure that whoever is accepted, will end up in Columbia. I guess each school has its whims and fancies while admitting students, and for Columbia, yield is the biggest deal.

For those of you WLed at Johnson and Fuqua, I will be sending in my 'Thank you for accepting me, but I will not be in a position to pursue my MBA at your school' letter to Cornell and Duke in the next few days. Good Luck!

congrats on wl at columbia, hope your trip to NY will improve your chances of admission into columbia.

this is again me. i came to your home for dinner a few weeks ago. Anyways, congrats on all the great admits and WLs you have received so far. Columbia is very much in to yield management, so if you show them enough love, I am sure they will take you. Good luck and keep posted.
No news from you. you have gone into hibernation.
We want to hear from you.
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