Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I cracked the Columbia interview!

Whew! Today was the culmination of all my interviews, and I am happy to say that my final one ended with a bang! Wharton was my 1st (in Dec 2004) and Columbia (today) was my 9th. Boy-o-boy, am I an interview veteran or what? For those of you who were fortunate enough not to interview with so many different schools, I hate to say this, but for me, the entire process was a big revelation. The experience has been so dramatic that now I do not even have to think twice before I wear that goddamn suit! ;) Above all, I feel that the results give me a clear indication as to which schools give greater weightage to interviews and which schools look at the bigger picture.

If I rate my interview performance on a relative scale (100% is perfect), then here goes:
Wharton(adcom): 20%
Yale(adcom): 40%
Duke(adcom): 60%
Michigan (telephone): 30%
MIT(adcom): 15%
Kellogg(alum): 25%
Cornell(telephone): 40%
Chicago(telephone and alum): 60%
Columbia(alum): 95%

AS you can see, my interviewing skills steadily sky-rocketed towards the end of the final phase. My Columbia interviewer today told me that she will highly recommend me to the adcom. Yippee! I will only have to wait to hear the final decree...Hopefully it will be revealed in the next couple days so I can start to weigh in on my decisions.

Congrats on your achievements.
Applying for so many schools and going thru all the stress is something remarkable.

Hats off to your tenacity,perseverance and your passion.

Rocking stuff!
Congrats! I hope to see you there ;)
Hey man,

Congrats yaar! Give the good news soon. Your performance has been truly phenomenal :)

You know who I am. Think of a common friend with a very young baby who relocated to another country who might relocate back to this country. Enough said!
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