Saturday, April 02, 2005


Cornell's JGSM

I am happy to say that I have been accepted at Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management(JGSM)! Phew! Now, the running score is 40%. :) I have crossed out MIT Sloan from my list of hopeful schools, but this conclusion can only be ascertained on Monday. My last and final interview has been scheduled for Apr 12th. With that I will be a free man!

Congrats! to all those who have heard good news about your admits this past week and good luck to those still waiting to hear.

Congratulations! Looks like you've got some interesting decisions ahead of you.
Congratulations !
The tough time is ahead - you have a plate full of good schools.

Have fun.
Congrats. You've got some thinking to do. Best wishes.
Thanks guys! :) It is as difficult to make the decision between schools as it is if there were no choice at all. I am researching into the programs that I got in and hopefully I will be able to come up with the choice that is the best fit for both me and the school. I am going to the GSB weekend on Apr 15th and while I am there, I also plan to go to Ann Arbor.

SE=Social Entrepreneurship

GSB: +=Finance,location
-=Few courses on SE,weather

Ross: +=Great SE program,XMAP,football
-=College town,Ranking

Duke: +=Good SE program,Location,Basketball

Johnson: +=Upcoming program
-=Ranking,college town
Nice to see that you are interested in SE. This is one stream that I truly want to explore in bschool! Congratulations on your admits and good luck with your decisions!
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