Saturday, March 12, 2005


Sloan Prep

I know that Sloan does not hold blind interviews. So, how do you prepare for it? Check what JonMcLaughlinMIT, MBA admissions, has to say:

The core of the interview is behavioral, we want to know about your past experiences and what you have done, but the interview evaluation goes beyond that to your ability to self analyze, a personal presence that indicates you could lead and contribute to a team and (we hope) a sense of humor that indicates you would thrive in this down to earth environment... I would also add that you shouldn't necessarily know "how you did" coming out. A difficult interview may signal nothing more than thorough interest.

Interview prep? See tips from gigibell1:

I'm a round 1 MIT admitted candidate from France. The Sloan interview is behavioral and situational ie he asks U for instance "Tell me a time where you faced an ethical dilemma".
You have to answer in a very structured manner. Describe the STARE that you are;
1. Situation
2. Task (reflection/analysis of the context)
3. Actions
4. Results
5. Emotions

In my opinion, this type of interview provides the hugest opportunities to stand out. If you are smart, you can show him the very caring, collaborative, team oriented and wonderfully emotionnally intelligent person u are (self aware, self regulated, empathic, mature...), in addition to being only smart, Gmat-freaky or efficient at task. Be yourself and show him you are neither a percentile on a Gauss curve nor a 0-flaw flat robot. That will make all the difference (believe me, I'm an MD).

I personnally mentally prepared a set of possible questions (dilemma, thinking different from others, failure, worst moment in life) and consulted a few e-sources on the behavioral interviews (a great one was from the university of Melbourne, I it). Preparing a mock interview with a friend if U have any time would be a plus !

My interviewer was really charming, caring, attentive (we drank coffee together and laughed a few times) and the tone of the interview was relaxed; very very different from my HBS interview. He wasn't there to struggle with me.

Remember that at this moment of the process, he already know you're smart, analytical and intellectually apted : the key is proving him you're someone he could trust in and he would like to have in his students Community.

Hope this helps and good luck !

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