Monday, March 21, 2005


The Nail-biting wait continues!

While I am very excited about my Chicago GSB admit, I am eagerly awaiting the results of Kellogg and MIT Sloan.

And yes, please don't ask me about my HBS and Columbia apps cos even I don't know what corner of Dillon House and Uris Hall they are sitting in! My hopes of an interview call from HBS are slowly fading while my hopes of being called by Columbia are coming back to life cos I saw applicants on the BW forum receive invites just the other day! I will be really bummed if Columbia doesn't invite me for an interview, cos the final app was not too different than that of MIT Sloan. So whoever is reading this, please cross your fingers for me for Columbia! :)

R2 Decision Notification:
Kellogg: March 31st
MIT Sloan: April 4th
Cornell: March 31st
Columbia: Apr 10th (12 weeks from Jan 10th)
HBS: March 30th

Oh, BTW, I have my Cornell JGSM interview (telephonic) on Thu.

Wish you all the best with Columbia and HBS.

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