Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Interview Anxiety kills MIT dream

I did miserably! I did so bad I felt like puking! And who is to blame? Hmmm...those anxious nerves! They royally screwed up something that I really really pined for. Well, I guess I have to find a proper solution to tame them and calm them so that they behave in future situations!. In case you already didn't figure out, yes, I suffered from intense interview anxiety!

My interview was in downtown Dallas with the associate diro of Admissions, who was a real angel (read super kewl guy, down-to-earth, laid back). The interview essentially focused on my Sloan essays. Basically, he was trying to get as much information from me as he could about: (1)why I did what I did, (2)what were the steps that I took, and (3)what were the results of my actions? Doesn't it sound like a piece of cake? Well, not for me, I soon realized. I prepared so well for the interview (using the STARE method) and I had sooo much to say about my past decisions, present accomplishments and future plans, but all I did was choke on all the answers! It was a nightmare come true!

Did I do anything to calm myself? Just before the interview, I made use of some stress relief techniques such as deep breathing and meditation. But unfortunately for me (and for the interviewer), my nerves were all over me! It was one of my worst situations ever! Golly! After the interview, I only wished that this one were as smooth as the other ones! And then I remembered what my mother said just the other day: You may not get what you desire, but you will definitely get what you deserve!" Yes, I am thrilled that I came sooooo damn close to being associated with MIT. I know I could have done my interview n times better if not for my anxiety, but then, you are what you are! Bottomline: I am highly skeptical of a call, but I will only have to wait out till Apr 4th to see what the MIghTy MIT has to say...

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