Thursday, March 24, 2005


Dating vs. B-School Admissions!

Before being accepted into a B-school, one tries to make him/herself attractive to the school, but after an admit or two, it is the schools that are trying to make themselves attractive! This reminds me of an analogy that I heard from my brother long ago. It goes: The B-school admissions process is akin to dating! So, how does one woo someone they like and how does a B-school attract an admitted candidate? To analyze the situation, here's a one-on-one comparison between dating and the B-School admissions process.

How does dating work? or lets rephrase the question to: how does the wooer woo the wooee?

1.Make that first phone call expressing his/her interest
2.Talk a little bit about him/herself and his/her job
3.Give the wooee a token of appreciation (eg. flowers etc.) for showing up
4.Try to be creative by doing an impromptu act
5.Try to make the wooee comfortable and impress him/her with his down-to-earth attitude
6.Show where he/she stands in the society
7.Narrate stories to keep the wooee alert and interested
8.Talk about his/her famous friends to impress the wooee
9.Present the wooee with an attractive package
10.Ask the wooee if he/she is interested and would like to go on another date

Now, how does a school attract a prospective student(PS) after he/she is accepted?

1.Make that first phone call welcoming the PS to the 'family'!
2.Send information regarding the school and its vicinity
3.Send the PS 'goodies' such as a T-shirt or a mug or even chocolates!
4.Include an ingenious welcome gift(like give the PS an e-mail id for life)
5.A letter from the dean of the school making the PS feel wanted and welcomed
6.Present the PS with BW/USN/WSJ rankings
7.Provide video clips that talk about success stories of students/alums
8.Provide a list of the famous alums in the world
9.Make sure the admissions packet is attractive
10.Ask PS if he/she is interested and like to come to the admit weekend

It sure feels good being a wooee rather than the wooer - for a change! :)

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