Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Columbia Update!

Columbia has finally decided to interview me! I was just beginning to wonder why I was not invited to interview up until now. My application packet for Columbia was very similar to that of MIT Sloan and MIT called me more than a fortnight back! Now, this new development leaves HBS as the only school that hasn't invited me...yet! ;) I have a few more hours to hear from HBS.

Also, today I interviewed with Cornells JGSM and it went off OK. I sensed that the adcom is worried about the yield as my interviewer repeatedly asked about 'Why JGSM?'. As for Columbia, I just shot an e-mail to one of the alums asking if she can interview me in April. Hopefully the interview will happen sometime between the Ross and GSB admit weekends.

Running score: 3in-3out-4TBD

A side note: For those of you wondering why I applied to all (well, almost all) of the top 10 B-schools, I have just one plain reason: I am bad with interviews! I didn't want my interviews to deter me from attending a top 10 school, so I made the best of the opportunity and applied to all of 'em! For the effort that I put into the whole application process, I am hopeful of a 50% conversion rate. I will only have to wait to see how the next few weeks unfold...

congrats on the columbia interview, and the GSB admit.

the question I had really was *which* top-10 ranking you decided to follow ;-) I don't see Stanford or Tuck in there, and Yale and Duke sneaked in. Are you sure this is not an old ranking :-) j/k.
I guess you can call it top 10 B-schools in my ranking system. Stanford is not in the list bcos it is outta reach (read rank 0) and Tuck is 11th! :)

Congrats on your GSB admit too!

Congrats - now go nail that interview
That's great to hear!!!
Good luck on your interview! I'll be reading!
Congratulation on the invite. Good luck.
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