Thursday, March 17, 2005


Chicago GSB Interview: Smooth Sailing

I had my interview this evening with an alum who is a big shot in a renowned company. He was a *great* guy. My interview started a little later than scheduled as he was held up in a meeting. The first few minutes after preliminary introductions, he asked about my family, my background etc. He really made me feel at ease by narrating his own experiences when he was a kid and about his adventures with his dad and how he has been a race car enthusiast since he was a small kid. Every now and then, he asked me questions. The thing that struck me was that he was very knowledgeable about a lot of things outside his area of expertise. We shared a few common interests such as Chess. At one point, he asked: OK, since you play chess, you should be able to answer this question: If you did not lose even one player in the game and one of your pawns makes it to the very last row (opponent side), then can you make it a queen? I thought for a second and said No, the rules don't permit you to make it a queen because there already is one. He looked at me and nodded approvingly. Although, he told me that the rules on the computer chess are quite different than those on the real one and there you can have as many queens as you like!

Basically, my interview was interspersed with tidbits of puzzles, questions, GK, info etc. and it was a total BLAST! I think this was my best interview so far and I really appreciate RM for taking time to interview with me. Now, I have exactly 32hrs to wait before I get to know my decision from Chicago GSB...

What a difference two interviews can make! While I felt so miserable coming out of the Sloan interview, just thinking about the GSB one makes me feel like I can go for one more...oh, which reminds me, I have to prepare for my Kellogg interview that is scheduled for tomorrow! :)

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