Friday, March 18, 2005


Chicago GSB Admit!

I got the call from the assistant director of admissions at GSB saying that I was accepted. (As a matter of fact, even before he told me the good news, I knew I got in- thanks to caller id!) He also mentioned that the admissions committee was very impressed with my whole application packet! Well, that was a first! Hurray! 3 cheers to vv42! Also, I was told that the admit packet is on its way and that the admit weekend is scheduled for Apr 15th in Chicago.

Unlike the previous schools, GSB did not send any video clip about the admit! Well, thats a first too! But, here is a video of the school from the GSB homepage: Chicago GSB Tour

Hey man....I just stumbled on your blog. Seems like you have some tough choices to make. I envy you :) I'll be tuning in to see how it all unfolds.....
Congratulations on your admit at the GSB! Are you coming up for Admit Weekend in April?

Give my regards to Austin... have the bluebells started sprouting up on Mopac yet?
iceman07-It is so ironic, but it is as difficult a situation to choose between schools as it is if one has no choices at all. Good luck with your admissions.
iceman07-Hey, I forgot to mention that it is OK for you to turn green, it is St.Patricks day after all(well almost). ;)
byron-Thanks! I am undecided on which admit weekend to attend, but presently, I am wallowing in the GSB admit news.
Sure. You mean blue bonnets right? Mopac is donned by these. This weekend, Austin is packed with lots of live music, thanks to the SXSW festival. I will really miss Austin when I leave. :(
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