Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Yay HBS!

Am I happy? Am I sad? Am I blessed? Am I cursed?

Here is the message that I received from God's own B-school:
Dear xxx:

The MBA Admissions Board appreciates your interest in our MBA Program and the considerable effort evident in your application. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a place in the MBA Class of 2007.

The MBA Admissions Board carefully and thoughtfully assesses each application. Because of the strength and large number of applications we receive, we are unable to admit many candidates who have excellent credentials and who demonstrate strong promise for careers in management.

You exhibit many qualities that should serve you well as you pursue your personal and professional goals. Thank you for considering our MBA Program, and please accept our best wishes for future success.


Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Columbia Update!

Columbia has finally decided to interview me! I was just beginning to wonder why I was not invited to interview up until now. My application packet for Columbia was very similar to that of MIT Sloan and MIT called me more than a fortnight back! Now, this new development leaves HBS as the only school that hasn't invited me...yet! ;) I have a few more hours to hear from HBS.

Also, today I interviewed with Cornells JGSM and it went off OK. I sensed that the adcom is worried about the yield as my interviewer repeatedly asked about 'Why JGSM?'. As for Columbia, I just shot an e-mail to one of the alums asking if she can interview me in April. Hopefully the interview will happen sometime between the Ross and GSB admit weekends.

Running score: 3in-3out-4TBD

A side note: For those of you wondering why I applied to all (well, almost all) of the top 10 B-schools, I have just one plain reason: I am bad with interviews! I didn't want my interviews to deter me from attending a top 10 school, so I made the best of the opportunity and applied to all of 'em! For the effort that I put into the whole application process, I am hopeful of a 50% conversion rate. I will only have to wait to see how the next few weeks unfold...

Friday, March 25, 2005



After a much anticipated wait, I got a Ding! Well, what can I say...except that I feel sorry for their loss! ;)

Current Score: 3-3 with 4 pending

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Dating vs. B-School Admissions!

Before being accepted into a B-school, one tries to make him/herself attractive to the school, but after an admit or two, it is the schools that are trying to make themselves attractive! This reminds me of an analogy that I heard from my brother long ago. It goes: The B-school admissions process is akin to dating! So, how does one woo someone they like and how does a B-school attract an admitted candidate? To analyze the situation, here's a one-on-one comparison between dating and the B-School admissions process.

How does dating work? or lets rephrase the question to: how does the wooer woo the wooee?

1.Make that first phone call expressing his/her interest
2.Talk a little bit about him/herself and his/her job
3.Give the wooee a token of appreciation (eg. flowers etc.) for showing up
4.Try to be creative by doing an impromptu act
5.Try to make the wooee comfortable and impress him/her with his down-to-earth attitude
6.Show where he/she stands in the society
7.Narrate stories to keep the wooee alert and interested
8.Talk about his/her famous friends to impress the wooee
9.Present the wooee with an attractive package
10.Ask the wooee if he/she is interested and would like to go on another date

Now, how does a school attract a prospective student(PS) after he/she is accepted?

1.Make that first phone call welcoming the PS to the 'family'!
2.Send information regarding the school and its vicinity
3.Send the PS 'goodies' such as a T-shirt or a mug or even chocolates!
4.Include an ingenious welcome gift(like give the PS an e-mail id for life)
5.A letter from the dean of the school making the PS feel wanted and welcomed
6.Present the PS with BW/USN/WSJ rankings
7.Provide video clips that talk about success stories of students/alums
8.Provide a list of the famous alums in the world
9.Make sure the admissions packet is attractive
10.Ask PS if he/she is interested and like to come to the admit weekend

It sure feels good being a wooee rather than the wooer - for a change! :)

Monday, March 21, 2005


The Nail-biting wait continues!

While I am very excited about my Chicago GSB admit, I am eagerly awaiting the results of Kellogg and MIT Sloan.

And yes, please don't ask me about my HBS and Columbia apps cos even I don't know what corner of Dillon House and Uris Hall they are sitting in! My hopes of an interview call from HBS are slowly fading while my hopes of being called by Columbia are coming back to life cos I saw applicants on the BW forum receive invites just the other day! I will be really bummed if Columbia doesn't invite me for an interview, cos the final app was not too different than that of MIT Sloan. So whoever is reading this, please cross your fingers for me for Columbia! :)

R2 Decision Notification:
Kellogg: March 31st
MIT Sloan: April 4th
Cornell: March 31st
Columbia: Apr 10th (12 weeks from Jan 10th)
HBS: March 30th

Oh, BTW, I have my Cornell JGSM interview (telephonic) on Thu.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Message from the GSB dean!

Thought I will share an e-mail that I just got(yes, I got this on a Saturday!, isn't it weird?) from the GSB Dean as it gave a more personal touch to my admit news. The mail sounds pretty personal, makes me wonder how many of the admits got it though...

Dear xxx:
I want to personally congratulate you on being admitted to Chicago GSB.

We based our decision not only on your talent and successes to date, but also on what we see as a strong fit between your aspirations and the GSB's approach to management education.

We're quite sure that you will bring passion, energy, and your abilities to work effectively with your colleagues throughout your career. We also sure that with a Chicago MBA you'll triumph in those moments when you'll face big challenges and big opportunities.

Best regards,

Friday, March 18, 2005


Chicago GSB Admit!

I got the call from the assistant director of admissions at GSB saying that I was accepted. (As a matter of fact, even before he told me the good news, I knew I got in- thanks to caller id!) He also mentioned that the admissions committee was very impressed with my whole application packet! Well, that was a first! Hurray! 3 cheers to vv42! Also, I was told that the admit packet is on its way and that the admit weekend is scheduled for Apr 15th in Chicago.

Unlike the previous schools, GSB did not send any video clip about the admit! Well, thats a first too! But, here is a video of the school from the GSB homepage: Chicago GSB Tour

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Kellogg Interview!

I just got done interviewing with a Kellogg alum. I would say it went off OK. Pretty much the same old questions. I am really hopeful of Kellogg. I will know the decision come March 31st.


Chicago GSB Interview: Smooth Sailing

I had my interview this evening with an alum who is a big shot in a renowned company. He was a *great* guy. My interview started a little later than scheduled as he was held up in a meeting. The first few minutes after preliminary introductions, he asked about my family, my background etc. He really made me feel at ease by narrating his own experiences when he was a kid and about his adventures with his dad and how he has been a race car enthusiast since he was a small kid. Every now and then, he asked me questions. The thing that struck me was that he was very knowledgeable about a lot of things outside his area of expertise. We shared a few common interests such as Chess. At one point, he asked: OK, since you play chess, you should be able to answer this question: If you did not lose even one player in the game and one of your pawns makes it to the very last row (opponent side), then can you make it a queen? I thought for a second and said No, the rules don't permit you to make it a queen because there already is one. He looked at me and nodded approvingly. Although, he told me that the rules on the computer chess are quite different than those on the real one and there you can have as many queens as you like!

Basically, my interview was interspersed with tidbits of puzzles, questions, GK, info etc. and it was a total BLAST! I think this was my best interview so far and I really appreciate RM for taking time to interview with me. Now, I have exactly 32hrs to wait before I get to know my decision from Chicago GSB...

What a difference two interviews can make! While I felt so miserable coming out of the Sloan interview, just thinking about the GSB one makes me feel like I can go for one more...oh, which reminds me, I have to prepare for my Kellogg interview that is scheduled for tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Interview Anxiety kills MIT dream

I did miserably! I did so bad I felt like puking! And who is to blame? Hmmm...those anxious nerves! They royally screwed up something that I really really pined for. Well, I guess I have to find a proper solution to tame them and calm them so that they behave in future situations!. In case you already didn't figure out, yes, I suffered from intense interview anxiety!

My interview was in downtown Dallas with the associate diro of Admissions, who was a real angel (read super kewl guy, down-to-earth, laid back). The interview essentially focused on my Sloan essays. Basically, he was trying to get as much information from me as he could about: (1)why I did what I did, (2)what were the steps that I took, and (3)what were the results of my actions? Doesn't it sound like a piece of cake? Well, not for me, I soon realized. I prepared so well for the interview (using the STARE method) and I had sooo much to say about my past decisions, present accomplishments and future plans, but all I did was choke on all the answers! It was a nightmare come true!

Did I do anything to calm myself? Just before the interview, I made use of some stress relief techniques such as deep breathing and meditation. But unfortunately for me (and for the interviewer), my nerves were all over me! It was one of my worst situations ever! Golly! After the interview, I only wished that this one were as smooth as the other ones! And then I remembered what my mother said just the other day: You may not get what you desire, but you will definitely get what you deserve!" Yes, I am thrilled that I came sooooo damn close to being associated with MIT. I know I could have done my interview n times better if not for my anxiety, but then, you are what you are! Bottomline: I am highly skeptical of a call, but I will only have to wait out till Apr 4th to see what the MIghTy MIT has to say...

Saturday, March 12, 2005


Sloan Prep

I know that Sloan does not hold blind interviews. So, how do you prepare for it? Check what JonMcLaughlinMIT, MBA admissions, has to say:

The core of the interview is behavioral, we want to know about your past experiences and what you have done, but the interview evaluation goes beyond that to your ability to self analyze, a personal presence that indicates you could lead and contribute to a team and (we hope) a sense of humor that indicates you would thrive in this down to earth environment... I would also add that you shouldn't necessarily know "how you did" coming out. A difficult interview may signal nothing more than thorough interest.

Interview prep? See tips from gigibell1:

I'm a round 1 MIT admitted candidate from France. The Sloan interview is behavioral and situational ie he asks U for instance "Tell me a time where you faced an ethical dilemma".
You have to answer in a very structured manner. Describe the STARE that you are;
1. Situation
2. Task (reflection/analysis of the context)
3. Actions
4. Results
5. Emotions

In my opinion, this type of interview provides the hugest opportunities to stand out. If you are smart, you can show him the very caring, collaborative, team oriented and wonderfully emotionnally intelligent person u are (self aware, self regulated, empathic, mature...), in addition to being only smart, Gmat-freaky or efficient at task. Be yourself and show him you are neither a percentile on a Gauss curve nor a 0-flaw flat robot. That will make all the difference (believe me, I'm an MD).

I personnally mentally prepared a set of possible questions (dilemma, thinking different from others, failure, worst moment in life) and consulted a few e-sources on the behavioral interviews (a great one was from the university of Melbourne, I it). Preparing a mock interview with a friend if U have any time would be a plus !

My interviewer was really charming, caring, attentive (we drank coffee together and laughed a few times) and the tone of the interview was relaxed; very very different from my HBS interview. He wasn't there to struggle with me.

Remember that at this moment of the process, he already know you're smart, analytical and intellectually apted : the key is proving him you're someone he could trust in and he would like to have in his students Community.

Hope this helps and good luck !

Friday, March 11, 2005


Texas beats UMich!!!

and NO! I am not talking about the Rose Bowl! ;)

I just got accepted into Michigan's Ross School of Business!

University of Michigan Business School - Leading in Thought and Action

Another good news is that I was invited to interview with MIT Sloan on Tuesday in Dallas.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Interview update!

This week, I heard back from two other schools: Cornell and Chicago GSB!!! :) I immediately scheduled interviews with alums from these schools. The GSB interview is in Austin next Wed while the Johnson interview is in Houston next Mon.

Also coming up next week is my Kellogg interview. :)

Looks like my interviews are now on a roll! :) I am really looking forward to the next two weeks. I don't think I have much to do other than to interview with people from 3 great schools! :)

Thursday, March 03, 2005


UMich Ross interview!

I just finished my much awaited UMICH telephonic interview and it went off OK. It lasted ~25min.

The questions basically covered:
Why MBA? Why now? Why Ross?

I was quite impressed with what my interviewer had to say about the UMICH community: acads, football, Program on Social Entrepreneurship(William Davidson Institute), C.K.Prahalad, clubs such as: the Toastmasters, soccer and the aptly named SOS (Spouses Or Significant others) club etc.. I was pleasantly surprised when she said that Ross did not have a Squash club, but hey, that gives me an opportunity to found one (if I end up in Ann Arbor)!

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