Thursday, February 17, 2005


Duke Admit!

I am thrilled to announce that I have been accepted at Fuqua@Duke (pronounced few-kwa, not foo-kwa)! Yippee!

Here is the mail that I got:

Congratulations! The Admissions Committee of the Fuqua School of Business is pleased to offer you a place in The Duke MBA Class of 2007. Admission to Fuqua is very competitive; after a careful evaluation of your application, weare confident that you have the ability to excel at Fuqua and become an integral part of our community, both in our classrooms and in the greater Team Fuqua community...

Check out the welcome message: Welcome to the BlueDevil world!

My admit packet contained a few booklets about the school and a few goodies such as a FSB windshield sticker and a magnetic mirror that read: "See --- in Fuqua!" I thought that was pretty neat. Although the packet had a lot of useful information about the school, I would have liked it if it contained some good pictures of the school and its vicinity.

Now, that I have been accepted to Fuqua, I have time till March 12th to decide whether I can make it to the Blue Devils Weekend from April 1st-3rd and till May 2nd to say Aye/Nay. I am very keen on attending the BDW on Apr 1st in Durham. Hopefully it is not an April Fools joke! ;)

I am excited about my 1st admit and I hope to hear simliar news from the other schools I applied to...

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